“Creative, Innovative, Professional, Stylish and Considerate are some of the words we would use to describe James Pitropov of Lakeside Design & Build. In 2007, James took on the challenge of designing and building the addition of a custom verandah to our home in Scarborough. James promptly produced an extremely beautiful one-of-a-kind design using state of the art materials. James arranged for and oversaw the building of our verandah with enthusiasm and meticulous attention to precision and detail. We are more than thrilled with our new Muskoka Room! James has totally change the way we live in our house and has vastly increased our enjoyment of our home. Our sincere thanks James!”
Gay and Stan Thompson
“As the Property Manager for the Deerhurst Resort, I have worked closely with James Pitropov and his staff at Lakeside Design & Build for several years on various Deerhurst projects. The staff at Lakeside Design & Build has provided detailed, personal client-oriented service with creative flair and good construction documentation and costing. Lakeside Design & Build has worked closely with me to develop the following projects: Deerhurst Lodge and Meeting Rooms; ESPN Sports Pavilion; Deerhurst Spa Renovation; and Deerhurst Sports Villas. On these projects, Lakeside Design & Build met with me at my office and provided me with 3D design visualizations, sourced and priced alternatives, made changes as I requested, worked with me and Deerhurst’s consultants, prepared workings drawings and performed General Review during construction. The 3D visualization has helped us engage in an interactive design process that has included Deerhurst staff, the general contractor, our interior designer, the staff at Lakeside Design & Build and James himself. Lakeside Design & Build will be my Consultant on projects that require attention to design, detail and high quality presentations.”
Brian Staples, P.Eng, Property Manager, Deerhurst Resort
“As Chief Building Official at the Town of Huntsville, I am pleased to provide a letter of reference for Lakeside Design & Build. In February 2008, The Town of Huntsville selected the firm of Lakeside Design & Build by a request for proposal to provide a feasibility study for remedial structural repair and building and fire code upgrades for a residence in Huntsville. It was essential for Lakeside Design & Build to perform a thorough investigation as the analysis was used as professional evidence for the purpose of issuing an Emergency Order under section 15 of the Building Code Act. I highly recommend Lakeside Design & Build to provide professional┬áServices for Clients in the Muskoka area.”
Michael J. Gooch, C.E.T., Retired CBCO Chief Building Official, Town of Huntsville