Project Description

Design & Build Garden Suite for Urban Cottage

(Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto, Ontario)

This project is another design and build project for Lakeside Design and Build.  The project is and addition to a stone ranch style residential bungalow  located on the Scarborough Bluffs of Toronto, Ontario.

The Owners are an artistic couple who are avid gardeners.  The owners have developed an award winning landscape garden at their residential home which encompasses many landscaped design details including sculptures, mature plantings and large old growth trees.  With a view to retirement, they were looking to add on space to their current bungalow that would enable them to continue to enjoy their home and have new expansive views of their beloved garden.

Lakeside developed a design taking into account the existing home plan, garden views as well as neighbours concerns.  The home is in a City of Toronto Tree protection zone and two appearances at Committee of Adjustment were necessary to ensure permits were that ensured that the existing trees on site would not be impacted and the house would retain its original character with minimal impact on the neighbouring properties.

Taking these factors into account, Lakeside separated the new addition from the existing stone bungalow with a breezeway that has views of the garden to the east and parkland to the west. Further to avoid the relocation of utilies and to ensure the existing site trees remained unharmed,  we developed a design using eleven concrete piers in order to make solid but  a freestanding foundation. The structure of the garden suite is conventional stick frame with Douglas Fir timber accents to create simple open interior space with a wonderful feeling of connectivity to the garden.