Contemporary/Modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines, a minimum of decoration, lots of glass, and flat or shed rooflines. There are varying degrees of the modern style, some clients will opt for the strict design sense of true minimalism, while others prefer to incorporate the minimalist aesthetics of modernism in conjunction with traditional cottage design.  For Lakeside Design & Build, modern/contemporary cottage design is the blending of traditional cottage design with more modern elements.  Many clients would like a blend of the rustic wood elements of the traditional cottage design but prefer the more modern open concept spaces floor plan.  Lakeside’s contemporary/modern design incorporates, timber frame using Douglas Fir timber that provide floating timber roof that provide wide open spaces.  Wide expanses of glass, often sliding glass walls provide the opportunity to bring the outside in to the main cottage living space. 


One of Lakesides Design and Build’s modern cottage projects is the Bass Island project recently profiled in Toronto Life magazine. It was completed a few years ago in partnership with another company. The cottage is modern mansion on a private island. It has a wide frontage of glass and unparalleled views of the lake. James at Lakeside was the Designer and project manager. Please check it out at

Bass Island | Toronto Life:
Real Estate Cottage of the Week: $12 million for a modern Muskoka Lakes mansion on a private island