Lakeside Design & Build Inc. combines a very personal, studio approach to design and construction with no-nonsense designed and stamped drawings, cost analysis, on-site project management and construction.  I want to create a beautiful and radiant living environment for my clients. I am a Builder because I want your project built right, according to your plan and in accordance with your budget and timeline.

My decision to provide the combined services of designer and builder was the regret and dissatisfaction I felt when I realized that true design vision and construction care was lacking with many general contractors. Cost overruns and inadequate attention to detail are sadly all too common in the building industry. Someone has to truly care about your project and be committed and accountable to you and your budget for its complete success. When you build on a challenging site with a sparkling lake or steep leafy ravine, there is no room for mistakes or shoddy workmanship.

Lakeside provides a turnkey service by combining custom designed drawings, on-going cost analysis, materials selection, project management and construction. Using the best design and project management software with up-to-date product specifications, I offer you an executive level of service that cannot be matched by other designers, builders or contractors.

If you are a busy professional family, I will enrich your experience designing and building a cottage, boathouse or residence by committing the time to work with you in the city as well as on the lake to truly create a fresh vision for your future lifestyle on the water. I will become your point man during design, cost analysis, accounting, and construction so that you are aware of and involved in every aspect of the design and construction process. I will get your project built according to plan, on time and on budget. You will love the extraordinary service and attention to detail you will receive from Lakeside Design & Build Inc.